December 14, 2018

One Woman a Week Suffers a Deadly IVF Side Effect: Ovary Stimulation Syndrome Hits a Seven-Year High as Hopeful Mothers Battle Kidney Failure, Blood Clots and Breathing Problems

(Daily Mail) – Women are being struck down by a painful and potentially fatal side effect of IVF at a rate of one a week. Severe illness caused by powerful IVF drugs has hit a seven-year high, with almost 800 … Read More

December 6, 2018

17 Women Sue Columbia University, Its Hospitals, Claim “Massive Coverup” of Doctor’s Sex Abuse

(CBS News) – Seventeen women filed suit Tuesday against Columbia University and its associated hospitals, claiming the institutions committed negligence and fraud as part of a “massive coverup” of an obstetrician’s sexual abuse of patients for more than 20 years. … Read More

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