February 1, 2019

American Scientist Played More Active Role in ‘CRISPR Babies’ Project Than Previously Known

(STAT News) – An American scientist at Rice University was far more involved in the widely condemned “CRISPR babies” experiment than has previously been disclosed. Most notably, STAT has learned that Rice biophysicist Michael Deem was named as the senior author … Read More

January 31, 2019

Report: Nobel Prize-Winning Biologist Knew About Gene-Edited Babies for Months but Kept Quiet

(Gizmodo) – The Associated Press reports that Nobel laureate and biologist Craig Mello was aware of a pregnancy in China involving gene-edited babies for months before the news went public. That a prominent scientist knew of this highly unethical work … Read More

January 25, 2019

After ‘CRISPR Babies,’ International Medical Leaders Aim to Tighten Genome Editing Guidelines

(STAT News) – Less than two years after producing an exhaustive report on human genome editing, the U.S. National Academy of Medicine and the National Academy of Sciences are planning an international commission on the most controversial use of that … Read More

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