September 18, 2017

Oxford University Scientists Gave Babies Trial TB Vaccine ‘That Did Not Work in Monkeys’

(The Telegraph) – Oxford University is embroiled in an ethics row after scientists were accused of questionable conduct over a controversial trial of a new vaccine on African babies. Professor Peter Beverley, a former senior academic at the university, complained … Read More

September 12, 2017

People with Developmental Disabilities Face Healthcare Disparities

(UPI) – Research shows individuals with developmental disabilities experience significant disparities in healthcare quality, access, status and unmet needs. Researchers at The Ohio State University conducted a telephone survey of 42,876 adults and 10,122 proxy interviews for children under 18 … Read More

September 5, 2017

Another Way for Anti-Vaxxers to Skip Shots for Schoolkids: A Doctor’s Note

(Kaiser Health News) – Families who oppose mandated immunization for schoolchildren may be seeking medical exemptions to get around the new state law, which requires kindergartners entering public and private schools to be fully vaccinated regardless of families’ personal beliefs, … Read More

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