June 23, 2015

Seven Questions for Personalized Medicine

(JAMA) – Personalized or precision medicine maintains that medical care and public health will be radically transformed by prevention and treatment programs more closely targeted to the individual patient. These interventions will be developed by sequencing more genomes, creating bigger … Read More

June 17, 2015

Down Syndrome Screening Isn’t about Public Health. It’s about Eliminating a Group of People.

(Washington Post) – In 2011, the newest feat in prenatal testing was introduced: the NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Test). This DNA test can, with reasonable accuracy, detect Down syndrome in early pregnancy from a single drop of blood taken from … Read More

June 12, 2015

How Black Slaves Were Routinely Sold as ‘Specimens’ to Ambitious White Doctors

(The Conversation) – The history of human experimentation is as old as the practice of medicine and in the modern era has always targeted disadvantaged, marginalised, institutionalised, stigmatised and vulnerable populations: prisoners, the condemned, orphans, the mentally ill, students, the … Read More

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