September 13, 2018

As Massive Zika Vaccine Trial Struggles, Researchers Revive Plan to Intentionally Infect Humans

(Science) – In 2016, as the mosquito-borne Zika virus spread through the Americas and cases of infected women having brain-damaged babies mounted, investigators raced to develop a vaccine. Now, a $110 million vaccine trial is underway at 17 sites in … Read More

September 12, 2018

An ‘Epidemic of Nicotine Addiction’ Among Youth Prompts FDA to Get Tough on E-Cigarette Makers

(Los Angeles Times) – Responding to an “epidemic of nicotine addiction” among American youths, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday announced a comprehensive crackdown on e-cigarette manufacturers, directing the industry’s giants to draw up detailed plans for halting … Read More

September 11, 2018

‘Microdosing’ Is Touted by ‘Shroomers and Reddit Users. Science Is Starting to Test Their Claims–And Finding Some Truth

(STAT News) – Microdosing involves taking roughly one-tenth the “trip” dose of a psychedelic drug, an amount too little to trigger hallucinations but enough, its proponents say, to sharpen the mind. Psilocybin microdosers (including hundreds on Reddit) report that the … Read More

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