December 26, 2014

ISIS Trafficking Human Organs from Bodies of Kidnapped Captives, Dead Soldiers and Injured Prisoners, Mosul Doctor Says

(Christian Post) – As the Islamic State has risen to become a yearly $2 billion terrorist outfit, it has found various methods to reel in its revenue such as oil production, human trafficking, and drug smuggling. However, it has been … Read More

December 22, 2014

Israeli Citizen Who Made Millions Off Black Market Organ Trade and Proclaimed Himself the ‘Robin Hood of Kidneys’ Is Released from US Prison

(Daily Mail) – Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, who ran a black market kidney business paid Israeli donors $10,000 each for kidneys that he sold to Americans for $120,000, has been released from prison. He called himself the ‘Robin Hood of kidneys,’ … Read More

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