October 25, 2017

Neurologists’ Role in Nazi “Racial Hygiene” Only Now Comes to Light

(Scientific American) – Medical historians have recently published accounts that show neurologists were indeed complicit with the Nazis—and became victims if they were classified as “non-Aryan. Heiner Fangerau, who teaches the history and ethics of medicine at University Hospital Düsseldorf—along … Read More

October 25, 2017

A New Edition of South African Journal of Bioethics and Law is Now Available

South African Journal of Bioethics and Law (vol. 10, no. 1, 2017) is available online by subscription only. Articles include: “Liver Transplantation for Non-Resectable Colorectal Liver Metastases at a Single Centre in South Africa: A Report of the Ethics and Regulatory … Read More

October 11, 2017

Should You Be Allowed to Sell Your Kidney?

(Gizmodo) – But there are rare, new alternatives of doctors incentivizing altruistic donations. One such promising idea is UCLA’s new “take-a-kidney-leave-a-kidney” voucher program. It solves the problem of what doctors are calling “chronological incompatibility”—friends and family who would be willing … Read More

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