September 28, 2016

FDA Approves First ‘Artificial Pancreas’ for Diabetes Treatment

(STAT News) – The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday approved the first so-called artificial pancreas, an out-of-body device expected to lift the burden for some diabetics on the daily grind they must go through to keep their blood sugar levels stable. It will soon … Read More

September 19, 2016

He Sold His Kidney to Settle a Family Debt. His Fight for Payment Uncovered Another Organ Racket in India.

(Washington Post) – It was an intimidating offer, but one Sundar Singh Jatav couldn’t turn down: Sell your kidney and pull your family out of debt. The 23-year-old needed the windfall, he told the Los Angeles Times. His family owed $10,000, his parents were … Read More

September 16, 2016

A New Edition of Medical Law International Is Now Available

Medical Law International (vol. 16, no. 1–2, 2016) is available online by subscription only. Articles include: “Non-Disclosure of Genetic Risks: The Case for Developing Legal Wrongs” by Victoria Chico “Living Tissue and Organ Donation by Minors: Suggestions to Improve the Regulatory … Read More

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