March 6, 2019

Japan Relaxes Rules on iPS Cell Research, Potentially Paving Way for Growth of Human Organs in Animals

(The Japan Times) – The green light has been given to a controversial research process that involves implanting human stem cells inside animals and could eventually lead to growing human organs for transplant inside animal hosts. The decision by the … Read More

February 18, 2019

The Devastating Allure of Medical Miracles

(Wired) – Consent in hand transplants is devilishly slippery: Can a person who has lost a hand properly weigh the allure of soon regaining such a vital part of themself against the seemingly distant probabilities of suffering treatment’s possible harms? … Read More

February 6, 2019

Call for Retraction of 400 Scientific Papers Amid Fears Organs Came from Chinese Prisoners

(The Guardian) – A world-first study has called for the mass retraction of more than 400 scientific papers on organ transplantation, amid fears the organs were obtained unethically from Chinese prisoners. The Australian-led study exposes a mass failure of English … Read More

February 4, 2019

Transplanting Pig Kidneys in Humans, 3D Organ Printing and Other Futuristic Innovations to Solve the Organ Shortage

(CNBC) – Now researchers, doctors and policymakers are exploring new strategies to increase the supply of organs needed to meet demand. Among the promising pursuits: advancing stem cell research in an effort to heal damaged organ tissue; developing biofabrication techniques … Read More

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