December 13, 2017

A British Surgeon Has Admitted Assaulting Two Patients by Burning His Initials into Their Livers During Transplant Operations

(Associated Press) – A British surgeon has admitted assaulting two patients by burning his initials into their livers during transplant operations. Simon Bramhall pleaded guilty Wednesday to two counts of assault, in a case a prosecutor called “without legal precedent … Read More

December 7, 2017

African Slaves Cut Open for Their Kidneys in Libya’s Burgeoning Organ Trafficking Market

(International Business Times) – The investigation into Libya’s seedy underbelly, where men and women are sold off to the highest bidder, has earned international condemnation, with demands for a swift investigation into the human rights atrocity. Now, a Ghanaian lawyer … Read More

December 4, 2017

A New Edition of Journal of Medical Ethics Is Now Available

Journal of Medical Ethics (vol. 43, no. 9, 2017) is available online by subscription only. Articles include: “The Ethics Liaison Program: Building a Moral Community” by Sarah R Bates et al. “Organ Donation After Medical Assistance in Dying or Cessation of … Read More

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