February 23, 2017

A New Edition of International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care Is Now Available

International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care (vol. 32, no. 6, 2016) is available online by subscription only. Articles include: “Implication of Alternative Minimal Clinically Important Difference Threshold Estimation Methods on Technology Assessment” by Diana Brixner et al. “Influence … Read More

February 17, 2017

The Public Should Have a Say in Allowing Modification of Our Germline Genetic Code

(Scientific American) – The report suggests limitations on genetic engineering to the heritable “germline” code of embryos, or even earlier upstream in the process, sperm and ovum, which convey information passed on to subsequent generations. However, the report appears to … Read More

February 14, 2017

U.S. Science Advisors Outline Path to Genetically Modified Babies

(Scientific American) – Scientists should be permitted to modify human embryos destined for implantation in the womb to eliminate devastating genetic diseases such as sickle-cell anaemia or cystic fibrosis — once gene-editing techniques advance sufficiently for use in people and … Read More

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