Research Integrity and Trustworthy Science: Challenges and Solutions

January 23, 2018

March 8, 2018 @ 8:30 am – 1:00 pm
Coffman Theater, University of Minnesota
300-398 SE Washington Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Scientific research is fundamental to progress, sparking new discoveries, improved health care, and technological innovation. However, research misconduct such as data fabrication, detrimental research practices including selective data reporting, predatory journals that fail to perform meaningful peer review, and concerns about the reproducibility of scientific findings all threaten to undermine public trust. This conference will bring together leading thinkers from multiple disciplines – biomedicine, the social sciences, law, ethics, and others – to analyze the challenges for researchers, universities, journals, and the community. The speakers, panelists, and audience members will collaborate to map a way forward.

Free box lunches will be provided to in-person attendees.
Co-sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Research, Consortium on Law and Values in Health, Environment & the Life Sciences, and Masonic Cancer Center, University of Minnesota. 


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