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December 14, 2018

One Woman a Week Suffers a Deadly IVF Side Effect: Ovary Stimulation Syndrome Hits a Seven-Year High as Hopeful Mothers Battle Kidney Failure, Blood Clots and Breathing Problems

(Daily Mail) – Women are being struck down by a painful and potentially fatal side effect of IVF at a rate of one a week. Severe illness caused by powerful IVF drugs has hit a seven-year high, with almost 800 … Read More

December 14, 2018

China’s History with AIDS Explains a Puzzling Aspect of the ‘CRISPR Babies’ Story

(STAT News) – That ignorance among sufferers, in parts of the country where people were most likely to have it, reflected China’s unique and complex history with AIDS, one that involved a litany of scandals and government cover-ups that have … Read More

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