Amid the Opioid Crisis, a Different Drug Comes Roaring Back

March 7, 2019

(The Economist) – LONDON BREED, the mayor of San Francisco, recently announced a new drugs task-force, which is the kind of thing mayors do. This task force, though, was unusual because it was not aimed at opioids but at methamphetamine. In 2017 meth overdoses killed 87 people in the city, more than twice as many as heroin. Open-air dealing, uninterrupted by the police, is a common sight in the poor Tenderloin district. Use is widespread among the city’s many homeless. Because the drug induces aggression, frenzy and paranoia, passers-by often feel unsafe. Half the people now admitted for psychiatric emergencies to the city’s general hospital are suffering from the effects of meth-induced psychosis.

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