A New Edition of Ethics, Medicine, and Public Health Is Now Available

July 5, 2018

Ethics, Medicine, and Public Health (vol. 4, no. 1, 2018) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Biomedical Ethics, Public Health Ethics, and Bioethics: Identifying the Interrelationships Between Three Distinct Fields” by J.P. Spike
  • “Praise of a Medical and Public Health Ethics for the 21st Century” by C. Hervé and P. Charlier
  • “Principles for Public Health Ethics” by J.P. Spike
  • “Ethical Competencies for Public Health Personnel” by L. M. Lee
  • “Resolving Disputes among Inter-Professional Codes of Ethics” by S. H. Linder
  • “Health Zones in Oregon: Exploring the Ethical Deliberation Process in County Public Health” by K. M. Dirksen, S. D. Present, P. Mason, and D. Emerick
  • “How Do Nuclear Medicine Physicians Deal with Ethical Aspects of Communicating Results to Patients after PET Performed for Oncological Indications? A French National Survey ” by S. Gonzalez et al.
  • “Court-Ordered Treatment and Toxic Users: Difficulties in Their Implementation” by E. Christin et al.
  • “Bioethics North and South: Creating a Common Ground” by S.H. Miles and A.K. Laar
  • “Blueprint for Scaling Advance Care Planning Conversations to Medical Practices” by G. E. Bondi
  • “An Anthropology of Women’s Body According to the FEMEN Organization” by P. Charlier and S. Deo


Recommended Reading