Too Often Poverty Is Treated with Pills

May 10, 2018

(The Economist) – IN A recently released documentary,“Take Your Pills”, Leigh, a freckled college senior, sits on her bed and reflects on her relationship with Adderall, a stimulant widely used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a condition that makes it hard to focus or control impulses. “Adderall for me has always been, like, when you’re desperate…You’re like, I need this right now because I need to be my best, smartest, fastest self,” she says, after calculating what score she will need on an imminent exam to boost her final grade. Later on, Nathanael, a software engineer with piercing blue-green eyes who codes with a cat nestled in his lap, recounts how Adderall allowed him to work intensely until midnight—a coder’s dream.

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