There’s an Opioid Abuse Problem Unfolding in African Cities and It’s Not Getting the Attention It Needs

March 16, 2018

(Quartz) – In Gabon, where Tramore is known as “Kobolo” high school teachers are struggling to contain a crisis. Upon request, some of Khartoum’s roadside tea-sellers are even known to drop the painkiller in a cup of tea. In January, Afrobeats rapper Olamide was forced to defend himself after Nigeria’s broadcasting regulators declared his hit song ‘Science Student‘ (which makes a reference to Tramadol) “unfit for broadcast” because of “the profligate mention and the subtle promotion of illegal drugs.” The singer (real name: Olamide Adedeji) argued he’s bringing awareness to a much ignored problem that’s spreading with young Nigerians on Lagos’ tough streets.

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