A New Edition of Social Science & Medicine Is Now Available

March 8, 2018

Social Science & Medicine (vol. 199, 2018) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Racial Inequalities in Health: Framing Future Research” by Margaret T. Hicken, Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz, Myles Durkee, and James S. Jackson
  • “Racialized Legal Status as a Social Determinant of Health” by Asad L. Asad and Matthew Clair
  • “State-Level Immigration and Immigrant-Focused Policies as Drivers of Latino Health Disparities in the United States” by Morgan M. Philbin, Morgan Flake, Mark L. Hatzenbuehler, and Jennifer S. Hirsch
  • “Area Racism and Birth Outcomes among Blacks in the United States” by David H. Chae et al.
  • “At the Intersection of Place, Race, and Health in Brazil: Residential Segregation and Cardio-Metabolic Risk Factors in the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil)” by Sharrelle Barber et al.
  • “‘We Black Women Have to Kill a Lion Everyday”: An Intersectional Analysis of Racism and Social Determinants of Health in Brazil” by Vijaya K. Hogan et al.
  • “Structural Racism in the Workplace: Does Perception Matter for Health Inequalities?” by Courtney L. McCluney, Lauren L. Schmitz, Margaret T. Hicken, and Amanda Sonnega
  • “A Safe Haven for the Injured? Urban Trauma Care at the Intersection of Healthcare, Law Enforcement, and Race” by Sara F. Jacoby, Therese S. Richmond, Daniel N. Holena, and Elinore J. Kaufman
  • “Institutional Racism in Public Health Contracting: Findings of a Nationwide Survey from New Zealand” by H. Came, C. Doole, B. McKenna, and T. McCreanor
  • “Exploring How Prison-Based Drug Rehabilitation Programming Shapes Racial Disparities in Substance Use Disorder Recovery” by Erin M. Kerrison
  • “The Effects of Whiteness on the Health of Whites in the USA” by Jennifer Malat, Sarah Mayorga-Gallo, and David R. Williams
  • “Racial Disparities in Health among Nonpoor African Americans and Hispanics: The Role of Acute and Chronic Discrimination” by Cynthia G. Colen, David M. Ramey, Elizabeth C. Cooksey, and David R. Williams
  • “Using a Structural Competency Framework to Teach Structural Racism in Pre-Health Education” by Jonathan M. Metzl, JuLeigh Petty, and Oluwatunmise V. Olowojoba
  • “Health Care Barriers, Racism, and Intersectionality in Australia” by João L. Bastos, Catherine E. Harnois, and Yin C. Paradies
  • “A Decade of Studying Implicit Racial/Ethnic Bias in Healthcare Providers Esing the Implicit Association Test” by Ivy W. Maina et al.
  • “Transmitting Trauma: A Systematic Review of Vicarious Racism and Child Health” by N.J. Heard-Garris, M. Cale, L. Camaj, M.C. Hamati, and T.P. Dominguez


Recommended Reading