A New Edition of Journal of Community Health Is Now Available

March 6, 2018

Journal of Community Health (vol. 43, no. 1, 2018) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Community Health Workers Bring Cost Savings to Patient-Centered Medical Homes” by Maurice L. Moffett, Arthur Kaufman, and Andrew Bazemore
  • “Health Literacy and Associated Factors Among Hmong American Immigrants: Addressing the Health Disparities” by Belle P. Khuu, Hee Y. Lee, and Anne Q. Zhou
  • “Determinants of Clinic Absenteeism: A Novel Method of Examining Distance from Clinic and Transportation” by Ryan W. Dobbs et al.
  • “The Role of Primary Health Care in Hepatitis B Testing and Management: A Case Study” by Jacqueline A. Richmond, Joe Sasadeusz, and Meredith Temple-Smith
  • “College Student Attitudes Towards ‘Smart’ Guns: Results from a Nationwide Survey” by Lacey N. Wallace and Kaylin C. Dunn
  • “US Media Coverage of Tobacco Industry Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives” by Patricia A. McDaniel, E. Anne Lown, and Ruth E. Malone
  • “Integrating Traditional Healers into the Health Care System: Challenges and Opportunities in Rural Northern Ghana” by Eva Krah, Johannes de Kruijf, and Luigi Ragno
  • “Population Health Outcomes of a Student-Led Free Health Clinic for an Underserved Population: A Naturalistic Study” by Cynthia M. Stuhlmiller and Barry Tolchard
  • “Influenza Vaccination Beliefs and Practices in Elderly Primary Care Patients” by Sharon Rikin et al.


Recommended Reading