A New Edition of Journal of Genetic Counseling Is Now Available

March 5, 2018

Journal of Genetic Counseling (vol. 27, no. 1, 2018) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “National Society of Genetic Counselors Code of Ethics: Explication of 2017 Revisions” by Leigha Senter et al.
  • “Invasive Prenatal Diagnostic Testing Recommendations are Influenced by Maternal Age, Statistical Misconception and Perceived Liability” by Talya Miron-Shatz et al.
  • “Choosing between Higher and Lower Resolution Microarrays: Do Pregnant Women Have Sufficient Knowledge to Make Informed Choices Consistent with their Attitude?” by S. L. van der Steen et al.
  • “Patients’ Knowledge of Prenatal Screening for Trisomy 21” by Michal Sheinis, Kira Bensimon, and Amanda Selk
  • “Variation among Consent Forms for Clinical Whole Exome Sequencing” by Sara A. Fowler, Carol J. Saunders, and Mark A. Hoffman
  • “Experiences of Genetic Counselors Practicing in Rural Areas” by Margaret Emmet, Quinn Stein, Erin Thorpe, and MaryAnn Campion
  • “Cancer Counseling of Low-Income Limited English Proficient Latina Women Using Medical Interpreters: Implications for Shared Decision-Making” by Daniella Kamara et al.
  • “Blue Genes? Understanding and Mitigating Negative Consequences of Personalized Information about Genetic Risk for Depression” by Matthew S. Lebowitz and Woo-kyoung Ahn
  • “The Psychosocial Impact of Carrying a Debated Variant in the GLA Gene” by Sarah Macklin et al.
  • “Counseling Close to Home: Genetic Counselors’ Experiences with their own Family Members” by Laura Rust, Hallee Adamsheck, Catherine A. Reiser, and Elizabeth M. Petty
  • “Enrolling Genomics Research Participants through a Clinical Setting: The Impact of Existing Clinical Relationships on Informed Consent and Expectations for Return of Research Results” by Courtney Berrios et al.
  • “Referrals to Mental Health Services: Exploring the Referral Process in Genetic Counseling” by Mitchell Cunningham, Mary Morreale, and Angela Trepanier


Recommended Reading