A New Edition of Journal of Bioethical Inquiry Is Now Available

February 23, 2018

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry (vol. 14, no. 4, 2017) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “When Doctors and Parents Don’t Agree: The Story of Charlie Gard” by Natasha Hammond-Browning
  • “The Issues of Freedom and Happiness in Moral Bioenhancement: Continuing the Debate With a Reply to Harris Wiseman” by Vojin Raki?
  • “Morally-Relevant Similarities and Differences Between Assisted Dying Practices in Paradigm and Non-Paradigm Circumstances: Could They Inform Regulatory Decisions?” by Jeffrey Kirby
  • “Ethics and Epistemology of Big Data” by Wendy Lipworth, Paul H. Mason, and Ian Kerridge
  • “Health Professionals “Make Their Choice”: Pharmaceutical Industry Leaders’ Understandings of Conflict of Interest” by Quinn Grundy, Lisa Tierney, Christopher Mayes, and Wendy Lipworth
  • “Parents’ and Physicians’ Perceptions of Children’s Participation in Decision-Making in Paediatric Oncology: A Quantitative Study” by Michael Rost et al.


Recommended Reading