A New Edition of Journal of Community Health Is Now Available

December 18, 2017

Journal of Community Health (vol. 42, no. 5, 2017) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Differences in Perceived Severity of Zika Virus Infection and Dengue Fever and its Influence on Mosquito Control Practices in Malaysia” by Li Ping Wong et al.
  • “Practices and Attitudes of Missouri School Nurses Regarding Immunization Records and Select Immunizations of Graduating High School Seniors” by Darson L. Rhodes, Michele Draper, Kendra Woolman, and Carol Cox
  • “Adolescent Participation in HPV Vaccine Clinical Trials: Are Parents Willing?” by Jennifer Cunningham Erves et al.
  • “Improving HPV Vaccination Through a Diverse Multi-state Coalition” by Echo L. Warner, Brynn Fowler, Laura Martel, and Deanna Kepka
  • “Clarifying Values and Preferences for Care Near the End of Life: The Role of a New Lay Workforce” by Debra K. Litzelman et al.
  • “Reassessing the Ecology of Medical Care in Japan” by Tsuguya Fukui et al.


Recommended Reading