A New Edition of Social Science & Medicine Is Now Available

December 15, 2017

Social Science & Medicine (vol. 190, 2017) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • The New Frontier of Strategic Alliances in Health Care: New Partnerships Under Accountable Care Organizations” by Valerie A. Lewis, Katherine I. Tierney, Carrie H. Colla, and Stephen M. Shortell
  • The Islamification of Antiretroviral Therapy: Reconciling HIV Treatment and Religion in NNigeria” by Jack Ume Tocco
  • Interest in and Reactions to Genetic Risk Information: The Role of Implicit Theories and Self-Affirmation” by Jennifer M. Taber et al.
  • ” ‘“The Land of the Sick and the Land of the Healthy’: Disability, Bureaucracy, and Stigma Among People Living with Poverty and Chronic Illness in the United States” by Henry J. Whittle et al.


Recommended Reading