A New Edition of Journal of Bioethical Inquiry Is Now Available

December 6, 2017

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry (vol. 14, no. 3, 2017) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Stretching the Boundaries of Parental Responsibility and New Legal Guidelines for Determination of Brain Death” by Bernadette Richards and Thaddeus Mason Pope
  • “Futile Treatment—A Review” by Lenko Šari?, Ivana Prki? and Marko Juki?
  • “Are Wrongful Life Actions Threatening the Value of Human Life?” by Vera Lúcia Raposo
  • “Political Minimalism and Social Debates: The Case of Human-Enhancement Technologies” by Javier Rodríguez-Alcázar
  • “Including People with Dementia in Research: An Analysis of Australian Ethical and Legal Rules and Recommendations for Reform” by Nola M. Ries, Katie A. Thompson, and Michael Lowe
  • “Measles Vaccination is Best for Children: The Argument for Relying on Herd Immunity Fails” by Johan Christiaan Bester
  • “Medical Negligence Determinations, the “Right to Try,” and Expanded Access to Innovative Treatments” by Denise Meyerson
  • “Access to High Cost Cancer Medicines Through the Lens of an Australian Senate Inquiry—Defining the “Goods” at Stake” by Narcyz Ghinea, Miles Little, and Wendy Lipworth
  • “Exploring Vaccine Hesitancy Through an Artist–Scientist Collaboration” by Kaisu Koski and Johan Holst
  • “A Feminist Critique of Justifications for Sex Selection” by Tereza Hendl


Recommended Reading