A New Edition of Neuroethics Is Now Available

December 4, 2017

Neuroethics (vol. 10, no. 3, 2017) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Deep Brain Stimulation Through the “Lens of Agency”: Clarifying Threats to Personal Identity from Neurological Intervention” by Eliza Goddard
  • “From ‘Hard’ Neuro-Tools to ‘Soft’ Neuro-Toys? Refocussing the Neuro-Enhancement Debate” by Jonna Brenninkmeijer and Hub Zwart
  • “Does Kantian Ethics Condone Mood and Cognitive Enhancement?” by Robert R. Clewis
  • “Moral Enhancement Should Target Self-Interest and Cognitive Capacity” by Rafael Ahlskog
  • “The Multiplicity of Memory Enhancement: Practical and Ethical Implications of the Diverse Neural Substrates Underlying Human Memory Systems” by Kieran C. R. Fox, Nicholas S. Fitz, and Peter B. Reiner
  • “Towards a Moral Ecology of Pharmacological Cognitive Enhancement in British Universities” by Meghana Kasturi Vagwala et al.
  • “Public Attitudes Towards Moral Enhancement. Evidence that Means Matter Morally” by Jona Specker, Maartje H. N. Schermer, and Peter B. Reiner


Recommended Reading