A New Edition of Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy Is Now Available

December 1, 2017

Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy (vol. 20, no. 1, 2017) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Bioenhancement of Morality” by Bert Gordijn and Henk ten Have
  • “Compulsory Administration of Oxytocin Does Not Result in Genuine Moral Enhancement” by Vojin Raki?
  • “‘Unnatural’ Thoughts? On Moral Enhancement of the Human Animal” by Norman K. Swazo
  • “Inspectors’ Ethical Challenges in Health Care Regulation: A Pilot Study” by W. Seekles et al.
  • “Tragedy in Moral Case Deliberation” by Benita Spronk, Margreet Stolper, and Guy Widdershoven
  • “Do We Have a Moral Responsibility to Compensate for Vulnerable Groups? A Discussion on the Right to Health for LGBT People” by Perihan Elif Ekmekci
  • “Personal Factors Affecting Ethical Performance in Healthcare Workers During Disasters and Mass Casualty Incidents in Iran: A Qualitative Study” by Mehrzad Kiani
  • “Withdrawal of Artificial Nutrition and Hydration in Neonatal Intensive Care: Parents’ and Healthcare Practitioners’ Views” by Véronique Fournier et al.
  • “Blurring Nature at Its Boundaries. Vague Phenomena in Current Stem Cell Debate” by Martin Hähnel
  • “Caregiver Burden and the Medical Ethos” by Karsten Witt, Johanne Stümpel, and Christiane Woopen
  • “Suffering and Dying Well: On the Proper Aim of Palliative Care” by Govert den Hartogh
  • “Is Decision-Making Capacity an “Essentially Contested” Concept in Pediatrics?” by Eva De Clercq
  • “Zika, Public Health, and the Distraction of Abortion” by Thana Christina de Campos
  • “Abortion for Fetal Defects: Two Current Arguments” by Susana Nuccetelli


Recommended Reading