A New Edition of Christian Bioethics Is Now Available

October 20, 2017

Christian Bioethics (vol. 23, no. 2, 2017) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “The Scandal of Secular Bioethics: What Happens When the Culture Acts as if there is No God?” by Mark J. Cherry
  • “A God’s-Eye Perspective after Onto-Theology: Notes toward a Post-Modern Christian Culture” by Bruce V. Foltz
  • “On Liturgical Morality” by David W. Fagerberg
  • “Hegel, The Reconceptualization of Science, and the Managerial Elite” by C. Clark Carlton
  • “Minding the ‘Unbridgeable Gap’: The Future of Conscientious Objection in a Secular Age” by Alain Julian León and Rico Vitz
  • “Moral Pluralism and Christian Bioethics: On H. T. Engelhardt Jr.’s After God” by Luca Savarino
  • “The God-shaped Void in the Post-Theistic World: H. Tristram Engelhardt’s Quest in After God” by Gary W. Jenkins
  • ” Engelhardt as Sectarian: An Evangelical Protestant Consideration of After God” by James R. Thobaben


Recommended Reading