A New Edition of Nursing Ethics Is Now Available

October 12, 2017

Nursing Ethics (vol. 24, no. 3, 2017) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “What Is Dignity in Prehospital Emergency Care?” by Anna Abelsson and Lillemor Lindwall
  • “Moving It Along: A Study of Healthcare Professionals’ Experience with Ethics Consultations” by Nancy Crigger, Maria Fox, Tarris Rosell, and Wilaiporn Rojjanasrirat
  • “Why the History of Nursing Ethics Matters” by Marsha D Fowler
  • “Legislating for Advocacy: The Case of Whistleblowing” by Chanel L Watson and Tom O’Connor
  • “IJEPA: Gray Area for Health Policy and International Nurse Migration” by Ferry Efend et al.
  • “Access to Services for Young Adults with Medical Complexity” by Elizabeth Joly
  • “The Relationship between Burnout and Mobbing among Hospital Managers” by Seda Karsavuran and S?d?ka Kaya
  • “Clear Conscience Grounded in Relations: Expressions of Persian-Speaking Nurses in Sweden” by Monir Mazaheri et al.
  • “Validation of the Policy Advocacy Engagement Scale for Frontline Healthcare Professionals” by Bruce S Jansson et al.
  • “Participants’ Safety Versus Confidentiality: A Case Study of HIV Research” by Juan Manuel Leyva-Moral and Maria Feijoo-Cid


Recommended Reading