A New Edition of Bioethics Is Now Available

August 4, 2017

Bioethics (vol. 31, no. 4, 2017) is available online by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Methodological Reflections on the Contribution of Qualitative Research to the Evaluation of Clinical Ethics Support Services” by Sebastian Wäscher et al.
  • “What Outcomes do Dutch Healthcare Professionals Perceive as Important Before Participation in Moral Case Deliberation?” by Janine de Snoo-Trimp, Guy Widdershoven, Mia Svantesson, Riekie de Vet, and Bert Molewijk
  • “Evaluating Clinical Ethics Support: A Participatory Approach” by Suzanne Metselaar, Guy Widdershoven, Rouven Porz and Bert Molewijk
  • “Discovering What Matters: Interrogating Clinician Responses to Ethics Consultation” by Stuart G. Finder and Virginia L. Bartlett
  • “Evaluating the Quality of the Deliberation in Moral Case Deliberations: A Coding Scheme” by Hylke Jellema, Swanny Kremer, Anne-Ruth Mackor, and Bert Molewijk
  • “Moral Hard-Wiring and Moral Enhancement” by Ingmar Persson and Julian Savulescu
  • “When is a Choice not a Choice? ‘Sham Offers’ and the Asymmetry of Adolescent Consent and Refusal” by Neil C. Manson
  • “The Substance View: A Critique (Part 3)” by Rob Lovering
  • “Is There a Right to the Death of the Foetus?” by Eric Mathison and Jeremy Davis


Recommended Reading