Brave New World is Closer Than You Think

March 16, 2017

(Discovery) – All of that is more true today than then.  Yet, despite exponential advances in biotechnology in the intervening years, the issue generally has faded from public discussion and concern.  That needs to change.  The stakes for our children’s future and free society demands that we reengage with these issues, not merely passively drift with the tide.  Through democratic deliberation, society needs to meet its responsibility to fashion wise ethical parameters around the science sector that are, as Goldilocks put it, “not to hot and not to cold, but ju-u-u-st right,” e.g. sufficiently open to permit innovation and derive new knowledge, while also sufficiently protective of the sanctity and intrinsic dignity of human life enough to avoid the dystopian perils we face.  It will be a tricky business.

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