New Issue of Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy is Now Available

May 4, 2012

Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy (Volume 15, Issue 2, April 2012) is now available by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Broadening Education in Bioethics” by Henk ten Have & Bert Gordijn, 99-101.
  • “The desired moral attitude of the physician” by Petra Gelhaus, 103-113.
  • “Adherence, shared decision-making and patient autonomy” by Lars Sandman, Bradi B. Granger, Inger Ekman & Christian Munthe, 115-127.
  • “The ethics of ‘public understanding of ethics’—why and how bioethics expertise should include public and patients’ voices” by Silke Schicktanz, Mark Schweda & Brian Wynne, 129-139.
  • “The ethics of organ transplantation: how comprehensive the ethical framework should be?” by Mohammed Ghaly, 175-179.
  • “The role of the relatives in opt-in systems of postmortal organ procurement” by Govert den Hartogh, 195-205.
  • “Religio-ethical discussions on organ donation among Muslims in Europe: an example of transnational Islamic bioethics” by Mohammed Ghaly, 207-220.
  • “Religious attitudes towards living kidney donation among Dutch renal patients” by Sohal Y. Ismail, Emma K. Massey, Annemarie E. Luchtenburg, Lily Claassens, Willij C. Zuidema, Jan J. v. Busschbach & Willem Weimar, 221-227.
  • “Mass media campaigns and organ donation: managing conflicting messages and interests” by Mohamed Y. Rady, Joan L. McGregor & Joseph L. Verheijde, 229-241.

Recommended Reading