New Issue of Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics is Now Available

April 4, 2012

Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics (Volume 21, Issue 2, April 2012) is now available by subscription only.

Articles include:

  • “Responsibilities for Healthcare” by Garrath Williams and Ruth Chadwick, 155-165.
  • “The Concept of Autonomy and Its Role in Kantian Ethics” by Iain Brassington, 166-176.
  • “What Is the Habermasian Perspective in Bioethics?” by Darryl Gunson, 188-199.
  • “Habermas, Human Agency, and Human Genetic Enhancement” by Peter Herissone-Kelly, 200-210.
  • “Protecting Humanity” by Matti Hayry, 211-222.
  • “On Moral Enhancement from a Habermasian Perspective” by Hans-Joerg Ehni, and Diana Aurenque, 223-234.
  • “Bioethics as Science Fiction” by David Gurnham, 235-246.
  • “When Doctors Break the Rules” by Jeffrey Blustein, 249-259.
  • “Medical Humanities, Ethics, and Disability” by Stephanie M. Vertrees, 260-266.
  • “Disgust in Bioethics” by Arleen Salles, Inmaculada De Melo-Martin, 267-280.

Recommended Reading